Great Harvard 4th of July Road Race - July 4, 2007

Contributed by Mark Graf

Do you guys remember me? I used to write a lot of Race Reports. I have resurfaced, and I'm back at it again.

For the past several years, the Dunstable Firecracker 5k has been the place for Fishies to congregate on Independence day morning. But alas, Dunstable voters rejected a budget override, I am told, which reduced the police budget, which cause this year's race to be scratched. Bummer.

So some bright thinking type in the Club suggested we run The Great Harvard 4th of July Five-Miler. A bit longer, a lot hiller, but still close by.

And what a beautiful course! Mostly shaded, a nice mix of asphalt and dirt roads through Harvard's bucolic woods, fields and farms... Just lovely.

Except there are some hills. West Bare Hill Road is a real tongue-dragger!

But conditions were excellent this morning, and everyone put in a good showing. Conditions were so good, in fact, that the first-place finisher set a new course record, shaving nearly 30 seconds off the old record. Wow!

It was nice catching up with the Gang this morning. The race organizers didn't award prizes to the runners who traveled the farthest to get to Harvard, but the prize would have gone to Ursula's sister (Barbara) and her two sons (Lukas and Patrik) from Switzerland. They last ran with us in Dunstable in the summer of 2004, and they've all gotten faster in the last three years. They were decked out in SqRR blue like the rest of us. This Club is honored to have several remote, overseas detachments.

Click here to see the results, and when you see these folks, congratulate them on a job well done: (List includes SqRR'ers and affiliated entities. My apologies for anyone I've missed!)

Ted MacMahon (3rd place, M4049)
Brian Reeves
Pattie Dalceme (1st place, F4049)
Brian Irwin
Gordon Row
Mark Reeves
Kerri Strauss
Mark Graf
Charles Thaxter
Lukas Brandenberg
Ing Thaxter
Kayla Reeves
Lysa Mosca
David Boyle
Patrik Brandenberg
Barbara Brandenberg

Duly submitted,

Mark Graf
Race Report Writer