Club Apparel

SqRR club uniform apparel:

Short sleeve: $18
Youth short-sleeve: $16
Long-sleeve: $21
Singlet: $22
Women’s shorts: $15.50
Men’s shorts (both Miler and split leg): $18
Jackets (runs a size smaller): $43
Running cap: $20
Running visor: $15
Sport bags: $10

All are made of 100% poly Dritek waffle. They’re attractive, comfortable, moisture-wicking and non-clingy. Each shirt is silk screened with the SqRR logo.

Hats are made of Coolmax with mesh side inserts, absorbent terry cloth sweatband, and adjustable back buckle. The logo is embroidered on the caps.

If you have questions or would like to purchase something email our apparel coordinator.