Monthly Brunch runs

Each month club members are encouraged to host a very casual, low key Sunday pot-luck breakfast run.  Basically, provide the venue, coffee and running routes and you’ll be surprised with the varied and delicious goodies that runners will bring,

Contact our social coordinator with any questions.

What are the benefits of hosting a party for the club?

  • Socialize with a great group of people. No need to be a runner or a walker.
  • Get to see old friends that otherwise you don’t see because of very hectic and busy lives.
  • Make new friends.
  • It gives members a chance to break the routine and run/walk in different parts of town.
  • It motivates a lot of people to get out there, especially in the winter as the weather deteriorates and gets colder.
  • It may encourage you to start exercising and getting healthier.
  • And most importantly, just for the heck of it and have a good time.

If you’re interested in hosting a breakfast run or have ideas for other social events, please contact our social coordinator.