Weekly Events

Our weekend club runs are very low-key, easy going, and optional.
A club member typically sends out an email, or posts on Facebook
regarding these meetups.

Saturday – Groton Town Forest Trails
When weather allows there are members who run trails on Saturdays at the Groton Town forest. The distance and pace typically depends on who is going. This information will be sent out in an email, or posted on Facebook. If you would like to go, and would like some company respond to the email and let others know you are going.

Sunday – Groton Town Hall
Our Sunday run from the Groton Town Hall is year round. In the warmer months this will start at 8 am, and in the winter months 9 am. This time change will happen when the clocks change for daylight savings.

Typically, different club members volunteer to lead different bucket runs. Depending on who is coming out to run, there may be a group running 10-12 minute/miles for 3-4 miles, or 9-10 minute/miles for 5 miles, or 8-9 minute/miles for 5 miles. One club member organizes this information and sends it out to the membership.

If you have questions regarding the weekend run send an email to the weekend run coordinator or check the Facebook page.