Q. I’m not a fast runner,  should I still join?  

A. ABSOLUTELY!  SqRR is for runners of all speeds, ability, and experience.  It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been running, how far you can run or how quickly. Guaranteed, there’s a member of the club you can keep up with or can keep up with you. (Well, maybe not if you’re running faster than 5:30s.)

Q. How do I join the Squannacook River Runners (SqRR)?

A. Complete an application form and mail it or fill out the on-line form.  The membership coordinator will respond with a welcome message and instructions on how to pay your membership dues and join the club’s email distribution list.

Q. Does SqRR get access to an indoor track in the winter?

A. During the winter months, one night per week, the club has access to an indoor track.

Q. What does it cost to join SqRR?

A: The membership fee is $20/individual or $40/family (three or more). Annual membership renewal is $20 for individual and $40 for families.  An invoice for dues will be sent after we receive your membership application.  For current members, invoices are e-mailed in January.

Q. Where do your membership dues go?

A. Among other things, your membership dues go to subsidizing race entry fees for all club members who participate in the Mill Cities Relay or the summer time Lowell Good Times Series.

Q. What benefits do I get from joining SqRR?

A. Free race entry to the Mill Cities Relay race and the Lowell Good Times summer series.

B. SqRR member receive a 10% discount from Running Warehouse and receive a club discount at PR Running in Westborough.

We can’t make you better looking or smarter, but we might make you a little thinner, faster, or give you the stamina and support to run a race – whether it’s your first 5K or a marathon. Join us for a Saturday or Sunday training run (no membership required) and give us a try.
In addition, SqRR receives several non-qualified entries to the Boston Marathon. These are distributed to interested members who are active participants in club activities.
Lastly, you get to meet great new people at weekly training runs, races and monthly social events who share your interest and love for running.
If all your questions weren’t answered here, please contact our membership coordinator.